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Frequently Asked Questions

How does New Car Deals work?

New Car Deals is an independent New Car Broker Portal and offers the best new car deals from South African automotive dealerships.

The process:

  • You search for your dream new car on the New Car Deals Portal
  • You then submit a free and non-binding online vehicle enquiry and immediately receive a confirmation of your enquiry by email. We also provide you with consultants, who will answer all questions via email ()
  • This step is not binding for you and is needed for data protection reasons.
  • We will then forward your enquiry to one of our dealerships in order to get in contact with you.

How are these Discounts achieved?

New Car Deals negotiates with various dealerships and manufacturers on an ongoing basis in order to get a good deal for you. Because of the number of car sales brokered through us, we are able to pool the buying power of our users.

Do the cars brokered through New Car Deals have the full manufacturers' warranty?

Yes. The vehicle you purchase is from a licensed dealership. It carries the full manufacturer warranty. Also your maintenance and service is just as per the normal manufacturer rules at any of their dealerships.

Are the cars brokered through New Car Deals grey imports or re-imports?

No. All vehicles on New Car Deals are officially sold vehicles through a manufacturer licensed dealership.

How do I pay for my car?

Your purchase agreement will be with a manufacturer approved dealership - just like if you would have visited it yourself, but with a better price. You will never pay New Car Deals.

Can I get finance?

Yes, the new cars can be financed, but this depends on your personal circumstances and affordability. The dealerships are licensed as Financial Service Providers and can provide you with the necessary advice and assist you with obtaining finance. You can also arrange finance yourself through a financial institution directly.